Hario Coffee Mill Slim Pro – Silver


The ideal hand-grinder for home or travel. The Hario Coffee Mill Slim Pro allows you to grind our speciality Open House coffee wherever you are.


Barista tip: Whole beans can be stored for longer than ground coffee. Investing in a hand-grinder allows you to purchase a variety of whole beans and grind them fresh for each cup.


Product details:

The new design of the Hario Slim Pro Coffee Mill features a ceramic grinder burr and a reinforced hexagonal crank handle.



- Reinforced hexagonal crank handle
- Transparent lid
- Easily detachable coffee ground catcher
- Burr stopper to stabilise during grinding
- Slim and compact design



- Washer, Shaft cover, Inner burr holder, Grind adjustment knob: Nylon
- Inner hopper: Polypropylene
- Handle: Aluminum diecast, Polypropylene
- Spring, Shaft, Grind adjustment nut, Outer hopper, Bottle: Stainless steel
- Burr: Ceramic
- Lid grip : Silicone rubber
- Lid: Methacrylate resin


Dimensions: 150mm (W) x 74mm (D) x 210mm (H)

Capacity: 24g ground coffee

Hario Coffee Mill Slim Pro – Silver


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